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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 28, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 3icc weather.. on the way.when it will hit and howwmuchhit will impact yourr ooning commute. 3 save money.. when using plastic.the button you can press at checkout to avoid credit card fees. 3) woo!!! ray lewis everybody. (leave up his dancing while we taggout) out)and... ray lewis makes an -3 appearance on saturday night live.. sort of.what the fakk ray said he wws going to do after the sperbowl. &p3 3 3 monday, january 28th. 3 3
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- jessica puchala 3 withhtte state highway pdministration joins us on the phone 3 3 phonejoins us on the administration highway with the state - jessica puchala &pwith thh state highwayy administration
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3& joins uu on the administration highway with the staae - jessica puchala with he state highway administration joins us on the phonejoins us on the 3 administration highwaa with the state - jessica puchala - jessica puchala
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3 p3 3 - jessica puchala with the staae highway administration - joins us on the phone 3 &p3 pponejoins us on the administration highway administration joins us on the phone 3 college park police are investigating two armed less than 112hours apart.the firss innident happened around three o'clock sunday morring in front of the shanghai cafe on baltimore avenue.three men and punched him before stealing his wallet and phhne. an officer who saw the whole thing chased the men aad & arrested them.later that &pafternoon... someone pullld a handgunnon a student while trying to steal a lapttp.that person managed to get away. 3 a 10 year ld girl is killed in ouse fire in southeast baltimore over theeweekend..i happened on saturday night... oo hartwait street..- firefighters foond the girl's body on the first floor of tte other people -33 mannged to esccpe the fire... one of them was injurrd when jumping from a window. neighbors say this is the third fire thee've seen in their neighborhood over the past ninn months. p3 ((sot))
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it. i really hate them. i mean especially when you lose somebody in your family. i feel real bad.> bad.>((sot))
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thousand people were in the club...double it's maximum capacity. invvstigatorr think pyrotechnics used y the band may havv caused ittpeople who were insideethe facility informed us thht when they cameeout securrty guardss peoole there from leaving and that'' when the crowd starred panicking nd the traaedy grew worse")aauhorities say moss of 3 the club's bathrooms...the roof also collapsed trapping manya local gymnasium was turneddinto a makeshhft mmrgue while families scrrmbled to locate oved ones."there are a lot of people scattered around hospital's differeet departmmntssas well as -3 intensive care units who ave not beee identified. it is now a big number but the people &waiting outside for nnws are desperate."brazil's president cuu hort a summit in hile to oversee the goverrment's response. "to the brazilian 3 maria we sttnn together at phis time and even though there is a lot of sadnnss we will pull through."this fire & reminds many of 2003
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3 wheee a band's pyyotechnics ignited a blaze that killed lessons from that fireeare not bbing learned."i can help but watch cause i'm one of them. it's just devastatinn that & someone else has to experience it. thissis the third time there's been a fire in a nightclub since our fire..this was moreedevastating than ourr."fire investigators questioning the witnesses...they revealed the club's license expired in august and had nottbeee i'm 3 the countrr is remembering a devastating aaniversary tooay. & 27-years ago....the space ssuutle "challenger" exploded 73-secondd after lift-off. all seven crew members were killed. teacher "christa mcaulifee" was one of &pthe crew membees. she had been chosen to be the -3 first priiate american citizen innssace. cold weaaher is inked to the explosiin....causing parts of 3 3 the nnxt timeeyou swiie yyur may wann to choose "debit" rather than "credit". "credit". that's bbccuss tooee can now charge customers new fees. it's ll part of a settlement betweee visa, mastercard and nine bbnks. merrhants ccn now pass on theefees that 3 pay. that means you could be charged up to 3-percent more on your purchases f you choose to charge it.
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3 3 the ravens leave for new orleans today. but nott chance to show their support-- & and purple pride. &p3 joel d. smithhis live at the inner harror where &peveryone from theemayor, to playerr from theelass super team off in styll. gooo morning joel d. 3 3
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3 the nation is watching as the baltimore ravens head to the super bowl..anddray lewis - plays is last game..ut this wwekend saturday night live, had a liitleefun.... wwth oor number 52. 3 seeh, if we win the super boww, 'm going to go o the 50 yard line of the super dome, get down on one knee,, and ascenn into heeven. i'm 3 goiig to be a sight. (laughs) wooo!! ray lewis everybody. - ((eave up his dancing while ww tag ouu) out)you can watch the
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3 ennire ray lewis s-n-l skit by going to our websiie, foxbaltimore-dot-com.... and clicking on "aroond the web." 3 we're following ray's last ride all the wwy tt the superdome in new orleans.see our stories on the avens playoffs.... hear raw interviews from the layers... and find other web links by going to our website... - foxballtmore dot on the "rry's last ride" banner on our homepage. -3 3coming up on the early -3 edition... pinpointing thee exact cause... offthe fll. flu.the rrsearch going on at 3 3 ((break 1))
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& hhrrord county sccools are
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openinn 2 hoors late. p,3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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&ppap 395 map 195 map 40 map 3 3 3
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3 stilllto come....hollywwod's ottee.the bii winnnrs at the -3&pscreen ctors guild awards..- 3 yesterday i slept about 18 hours, other than whee i needed to eat. & 3 paking aim... at the flu.the pocaa scientists whooare trying toofigurr out what makes us sick... and hhw to stay heelthy.. 3 ((break 22)
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3 3 3 this year's flu continues to have a grip on the u-s.the ceeters forrdisease connrol and prevention's newest report says duringgthe third week in january, more than 26 percentt of the nnarly 12-thousand lab ttsts reported nationwide were positive for influenza. althouuh health officials havv a gooddidea of how many peeple have the flu, science till isn'ttexactly sure how we ggt the flu.emily schmidt takes yyu to marylanddlab that'' trying to find the answer answer 3 people gg toosuch lengths to avoid getting theefluu but yyu actively seeking ttose ho've
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ccuggt it. when universiiy of maryland freshman dominnc ong heard about a campus flu study, 3 this is going to go into your nose and straight back.dominic had a feeling e fit the bill. &pi woke up at am today becaase every time i was getting puuched in the stomach. yesterday iislept abouu 18 hours, other than when i nneded to eat. he tested positive for type a influenza which qualified him for a study researching how anyone gets tteeffu in thh first place. that's what - ressarch nd discovery is about, being a deteetive professor ddn milton says scientists don't know exactly deep in, deep outnot be spread contact, iruses---one- thousanddh the width of a human haii--that linger in the air. it would be nice if flu was not aeroool transmitted because it would be much simpler, but i think the odds arrethat aerosols arr going to trannmissiin.that's wwere this machine--named the gesundheit 3 airrornehe has local exhaust ventilation collecting all of his brrath. this lab is part 33 more clearly explaii flu transmission, and some potential solltions. hings &plike uv lights to sterilize the aii, to have more -& ventilation, to have local exhaust veetilation, are breathing.the centers for disease controllsuggests disinfeeting germ-contaminated surffces as one way to void the fluudr. milton says he thingsswe touch --but he says, science still needs answers about whaa to do ith tte air we breathe.emily schmidt,,cnn washinggon..
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3 washington. 3 &p3 ptraaggt ahead... handing ut
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- awards... for the est n -3& movies and t-v. my sag card when i was 14. i did an mtv promo for "my ssper sweet 16.. 3 the memorable moments from thee sag awards. ((break 3))
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3 3 hollywood's hottest television and film actors turned out for the 19th screen accors guild - awards oo sunday n lls angeles. the night was filled with memorable moments. -&pmarianne rafferry as the fulll - wrap up of thh aa awards. &p3- 3 hollywood's stars chhse argo" to take the top prize of best cast in aamotion picture at the 9thhannual scceen actorr guild awaars. on a night whhn actors honor actors, the winners took time to remiiisce about how business. lawrence says: "i earned mm saa card whenni waa 14. i did an mtv promo for "my super sweet 16." anddi - remeeber getting it in he mail and it beeng likeethe 3 becauss it officiallyymadd my a professional actor." best actress winner jennifer pawwence of "silvvr linings - she ggt her sag card, so did best supporting actrees winner "les miserables" star anne 3daniel day lewis entertained 3 for "lincoln". hii co-star tommy ee jooes won best supporting actor. theer filmmboasts the most nooinations going into the
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oscars with a total o 12. asssag awards celebrate & both film and tv - stars off the small-scrren who got a cast of the p-b-s phenomenoo "downton abbey" whicc took 3 plus bbyaa cranston of "brrakkng bbad and claire danes oo "homeland" with those ho made us llugh at home, ii was bittersweet forr 30 rock stars tina fey and alec baldwin who added more trophies to their collectiin 3 even the modern family cast - couldn't help but giveea nod to 30 rock as they accepted theirs for comedy series cast. p baldwin made anothhr appearance, introduccng dick van dyke for the lifetimm achievement award complete - with a comedd-fflled montaae of areer hiiglightt. lotssof reminiscing, congratulating, anddkeeping up with that trophy tally as award season continues with february 24th's oscars right around the corner. in newwyork im arianne raffeety fox news.
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3 3 coming up... preparinn for an icy commmte. commute.the condiiions yyu'll encounter this morning... when walking out theefront door.


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